Wanderlust 108

Find your true north
Wanderlust 108 is the only mindfulness triathlon worldwide. The event offers a means for people preoccupied with their health and self-knowledge to engage in fitness activities, yoga and guided meditation. From 2022, Kick Off Events brought the franchise to Romania with its Cluj and Bucharest editions. We aim for the gathering to be a safe and well-organised environment, where our community express and channels their energy.
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A complete experience

Wanderlust 108 is conceived to be a journey where participants get closer to their inner selves. The event combines movement and relaxation in a relaxed environment, while having the chance of having healthy culinary experiences.
The food truck area offers our participants ethically sourced natural food from around the country, together with other health and wellbeing products and services.
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The community the aspires towards “Its True North”

Bringing people that want to outbetbether themselves constantly makes us happy. Wanderlust 108 is not a competition. It's more a friendly gathering between friends and like-minded people that share a passion for mediation and yoga. Be amongst others from their community, our guests follow their own path towards exploring and finding themselves.
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Soul instructors

We invite instructors that care about the progress of those around them. Passionate about how their vocation can change lives they care about the happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment of our attendees.

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Wanderluster Extraordinaire

Being preoccupied with their constant self-improvement, our attendees also flourish in their professional lives. The majority of event participants are successful women that care about bettering themselves, and take part in making important decisions at home and at work.
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Let’s chat and evolve together

Wanderlust 108 is an amazing opportunity to share our experiences and get to know those around us. We bring together a community with well defined principles, that is open to new experiences which can have a positive impact on their lives. We see through the event a medium where partners have the opportunity to connect better with their audience and find out what people truly care about.