Wanderlust 108

Find your true north
Wanderlust 108 is the only mindfulness triathlon worldwide. The event offers a means for people preoccupied with their health and self-knowledge to engage in fitness activities, yoga and guided meditation. From 2022, Kick Off Events brought the franchise to Romania with its Cluj and Bucharest editions. We aim for the gathering to be a safe and well-organised environment, where our community express and channels their energy.
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Your 2-day wellbeing festival is served

With our second year of Wanderlust behind, we are very happy to have brought an even richer wellbeing experience than the year before. And with satisfaction that we were confident enough to organise 3 events, two of them with 2 full days of yoga, meditation and fitness.

We are all about finding independence and self-realisation, while sharing our experience and bringing value to those around us.

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Completion, not competition

As everything around us feels more competitive than ever, we realised the value that Wanderlust can have over people’s lives. We believe that a life that is created from the inside-outwards is a fulfilled one. So from there we find the intrinsic value of helping our participants self-explore, through the passionate partners & professionals, welcoming locations and inclusive all-round environment we strive to provide.

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Same by heart, different by feel

While keeping the same event ethos at base, each of our three events had to be slightly different. By location, but also by the classes offered. We started off last spring with Wanderlust True North at Bragadiru Palace, where the atmosphere felt both engaging and cosy. Later on, through our Wanderlust 108 format we brought together the wellness community in Cluj-Napoca & Bucharest.

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Guided by those who care

Part of our constant effort of making sport & wellbeing available to a wider range of people, we brought a roster of well-known and versed yoga, meditation and fitness professionals together. Our roaster was completed by a list of passionate locals instructors - everyone contributing to a rich and diverse wellbeing experience. The experience was completed by our partners at the Kula Market, which came with a wide range of considerate products and experience.

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Growing together

We believe in encouraging more and more people to pick up a healthy lifestyle, that would build up meaning in other parts of their lives. While a lot of our participants have attended wellbeing experiences many times before, we love seeing people find the courage and have their first yogic or meditation experience with us. Spoken in plain English: just put their yoga pants on, and try some asanas.

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