Conquer The City

Powered by Running Heroes
Conquer The City is a night-time team running event with checkpoints spread around different parts of the city. We are glad to organise the gathering as part of our partnering app, Running Heroes, while completion of the event also offers exclusive discounts and prizes within the platform.
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Run with
your tribe

Teamwork is a must. It’s that simple! While you need to partner-up with someone to be able to register, groups of 10+ people are also welcomed, and well, even betterly said…they are not that uncommon. We are happy to find that our participants are mainly buddies out for a good laugh and fun, work colleagues that signed up through their workplaces and it’s nice to mention that we also encourage and offer parent-child special packages. We believe that wellbeing can also be fun, so why not invite everyone to the party?!

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Adventure time

Same as on a treasure hunt we bring people the excitement behind novelty and reward. Each event attendee receives a map with four checkpoints. Upon reaching one, the team has to scan a QR code. Checkpoint done!

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Draw your own path

We believe that flexibility adds to the joy. Participants can join the run at any time after the starting time on the day of the contest. Conquering the city also lets attendees come up with a route of their own. They only have to reach checkpoints, and complete at least 10km of running. The rest is up to them. Goals are important, yet they can be achieved in the most creative of ways, and at our own pace.
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Rediscover your city

Our cities hold a beauty of their own. Conquer is a running series that values reconnecting with the places we live in. Running over a good conversation and a smile on your face at non-busy hours can remind you of the good parts of town and also about what fancy new places opened up in the last few months.