5KM.ro – Old Town Race

5KM.ro is a running-series event, built around the values of sport, fun and healthy&active lifestyle.
You can run 5KM in 20 or 50 minutes, that’s not the point.You do it to have fun!

Some call it running. We call it “Running with friends”
Some call it dance. We call it “Body does the talking”
Some call it laugh. We call is “Laugh out loud”

The running events have multiple races – usually 5KM, 10KM and a relay.
Started in 2014, in Bucharest, the series consisted in 2 events held in an unconventional location – The Old Town of Bucharest.

Both casual and professional runners, sponsors and local community had a new experience, a new way to sample one of the most iconic places in Romania, a joyful experience, a simple way to stay fit&healthy.

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