We Make Companies Run!


B2RUN is the largest corporate running series in Europe and has recorded significant growth since it was founded in 2004, in Munich. Currently, the race is annually held in Germany, France, Switzerland and more recently, the B2RUN series have successfully extended to Spain and Portugal.

B2RUN Romania is a license held by Kick Off Events and in 2016, we organized 2 events

B2RUN BUCHAREST, 4th of June – National Arena, 1000 participants

Crosul Companiilor B2RUN,CLUJ – NAPOCA, 25th of September – Cluj-Arena, 2000 participants

Two events, 3000 runners and over 250 companies participating


  • Start-finish line at the heart of the most beautiful stadiums in the country.
  • A six-kilometer distance – for everybody.
  • Individual timekeeping via electronic chip.
  • Several scoring categories from “Fittest Company” to “Fastest Boss”.
  • Event area and B2RUN after-party inside the stadium.
  • Chance to participate at B2RUN finals in Berlin, Germany.


Anyone can participate and the size of the company does not matter to us. The distance of 6 km is manageable for everybody, from trainees to managers.

The main objectives of B2RUN are to strengthen the team spirit and increase health and motivation among the employees.

B2RUN is a unique experience, as companies have the chance to cross the finish line at the heart of the country’s most famous arenas. Besides that, B2RUN is an ideal platform to create cohesion among employees, which is in line with our motto: “Run in the best company”.

Sports team-building!

Welcome to the first “sporty and healthy” team-building in Romania!

Starting with the pre event training weeks, and culminating with the day of the event, B2RUN is a unique event that brings health and long-lasting relationships among the employees.

With B2RUN, employees run together with their team, have a common goal and celebrate the success of the whole group, customers and business partners.

What does B2RUN mean for a company?

  • Team Building
  • Team motivation
  • Health Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Promotion of the employer’s brand
  • Internal and external corporate communication
  • Stimulation of your customers’ loyalty
  • Internal and External Networking